CONCEPT4 has a responsible approach of design : a final consumer happy is our focus !

Always traveling around, constantly linked to professional companies dedicated to global trends, sharing with different cultures platforms, our team members are gathering informations  & brand new ideas from all over the world !


But the team keeps its feet on the ground ! Its aim is to provide the right mix of creativity, design and attention to details while keeping strong the customer's brand image and, key of success , an aggressive price on the market. 


Twice a year, the design team will provide seasonal moodboards , supported by a research in materials, shapes and colors that will help our customers developments and add a significant value to our proposals. 

On a day to day rhythm, the team will put a priority in replying client's demands within strict timelines and in an effective way. 

To improve our service, Concept4 has settled a sample room in Shenzhen where all bags and pouches can be developed and tailor-made achieved by the team in a minimum of time. 

Time is money for the fast fashion world ! 

Fashion Trends

Design Team &
Client Moodboards


Artworks & Design

Whenever you are looking for new products or for a strong and efficient response to your own briefs, let us take the opportunity to create what you need !