meet the team

  • Bernard Hensenne

    Bernard Hensenne

    Managing Director

    "15 years of Sourcing experience in clothing, cosmetic and fashion accessories help me to manage Concept4. With fantastic partners and a wonderful team, we are turning Concept4 into one of the leading Sourcing Company."

  • Eric Leonard

    Eric Leonard

    Commercial and Financial Director

    "With a background in sales and marketing - I have worked in various industries and in 2003 set up Concept4 with fantastic partners. It has been a great experience with all of us bringing something necessary and different to the table. I’m now in charge of customer relations and financing"

  • Pascal Vieilvoye

    Pascal Vieilvoye

    Shanghai Office Director

    "After 10 years visiting clients and studying market from Belgium, I decided to take a new challenge. Based in Shanghai as office director; factories, production and products have no secret for me."

  • Thomas Dupont

    Thomas Dupont


    "20 years dedicated to sourcing in Asia, leading a global sourcing network in the clothing industry, I had the opportunity to join an exciting project with an outstanding team. Since the beginning the passion has remained intact!"

  • Carine Botte

    Carine Botte

    Creative and Fashion Director

    "More than 20 years of experience in both fashion accessories and Asian sourcing: an interesting synergy that I have tried to optimize with passion in the Design department of Concept4"